Our Principles

In working with our clients, we are guided by five principles that we feel are essential in developing a plan that will meet your needs:

Individualism: Every family, every business, and every practice is important to us, and we deal with each to understand what is unique about them. We recognize that your goals are shaped by not only financial needs, but also religious and cultural influences. Your plan is about you and what your dreams and goals are.

Education: It is very important to us that you understand the purpose and structure of the plans we develop for you. We never talk down to our clients; instead we make sure that every plan is suitable and easy to understand.

Balance: One of our key goals is to help you pass as much of your net worth as possible on to your heirs, but not to the extent that it would diminish your current lifestyle. Our goal is to help you enjoy your lifestyle today as you plan for your future financial security, and the financial security of your heirs.

Teamwork: The Legacy Group, Inc. is both willing and eager to work with your other financial advisors. When we’re working as a team, we can do a better job for you and make sure all the right expertise is at the table.

Leadership: Even, when you’re working as a team, you still need a captain. The Legacy Group, Inc.’s expertise and holistic approach places us in a strong position to assume that leadership or “quarterback” role.